River crossing Sumatran Tiger Trek backpacking
Looking for a true adventure deep in the Sumatran rainforest? If you’re an intrepid solo traveller (or part of a duo) backpacking your way across Indonesia, come join a few other kindred spirits on our 4-day Sumatran Tiger Trek here in the Kerinci Seblat National Park. Check out our dates below and contact us while the limited slots are still open. If you want to extend your stay and maximize the experience, you can combine this trek with a climb up Mt. Kerinci volcano, the highest in Southeast Asia, which begins the following day.


7 Sunday - 12 Friday

One Remaining Slot!


3 Saturday - 8 Thursday

One Remaining Slot!


7 Saturday - 12 Thursday

Five Remaining Slots!


The price includes transport between Padang and Kerinci, two nights of shared accommodations in the village, a local guide and porters, transport from your accommodations to and from the trailhead, shared tents, sleeping bags, thin camping mattresses, food and water while you’re on the trek, and all proceeds to Pencagura, a grassroots conservation and development initiative.

Price does not include National Park entry tickets, which are purchased directly from National Park staff at the ranger post. Expect to pay 155,000 per day, although sometimes the rangers will give discounts. You also need to have your own travel insurance.

If you would prefer a private room and your own tent, add an additional 1,000,000 IDR.

Difficulty: Moderate. While the landscape isn’t too extreme at any points, endurance is necessary for a five day trek.

Activities: Jungle Trekking, Camping, Swimming, Bird Watching, Wildlife Spotting

Elevation: 1100m-1500m

Terrain: Primary Rainforest, Mountains, Lakes, Jungle Streams, Waterfalls, Hutan Adat

Nearest Village: Lempur, Gunung Raya subdistrict, Kerinci regency, Jambi province, Indonesia

  • Each day has roughly six to seven hours of trekking, including rests and stops to study the environment, with only the last day being around four hours. Of course, times can vary wildly depending on if you’re blazing through the forest (why??) or taking more time to observe your surroundings more closely.
  • No comfy accommodations here! You’ll be sleeping rough in tents on sometimes uneven/rocky ground, with very thin camping mattresses, under the forest canopy for two to four nights, depending on your trek length. Plus two nights in a very simple family-run guesthouse in the village. But you’ll be having an experience of a lifetime.
  • The guide and porter(s) will carry all camping equipment, like tents, sleeping bags, mattresses, food, and the like. All you need to carry is your own clothing, toiletries, and whatever other personal items you want to bring into the jungle.
  • Also, as it is a rainforest, expect and prepare for rain at some point during your trek, no matter what season you’re travelling in.
  • The itinerary listed may not necessarily be exactly the same as what you experience. Depending on conditions and desire to not strain the landscape, the exact trail might change somewhat, but you’ll still go through generally the same areas and definitely still be in tiger habitat.
  • Terrestrial leeches can be abundant at times. While harmless, they can certainly be annoying – this is not a trek for the pampered.
  • This is also not a zoo – the animals here are very wild and extremely wary of people, and the lush environment itself makes visibility difficult. While seeing tracks and other fresh signs of a variety of wildlife is very common, and there is abundant life everywhere you look, actually spotting large mammals is rare.
  • You are in a rural, isolated, underprivileged part of Sumatra. Guides and porters are from local communities- many farmers themselves when they’re not guiding. They are all in the process of learning and are not 100% proficient in English or customer service- so don’t expect skills on par with touristic areas like Bali. Thank you for supporting and encouraging them in their improvement process – this is also an aspect of community development and education, and we appreciate you being a part of it as they continue to progress.
  • Since you’ll be hiking in the middle of the Bukit Barisan mountain range, at elevations between 1100m to 1500m above sea level, temperatures are relatively cool – expect highs of around 25°C during the day, and down to around 15°C at night.
  • Food is very traditional local fare. Vegetarian and vegan options are available, if you let us know ahead of time.
  • Like all of our trips, you travel at your own risk. Keep in mind that you are visiting a wild and extremely remote area of rural Sumatra, with wild animals and other dangers that come from being in a natural landscape. Quality medical care is also very far away. It’s your responsibility to make sure you are covered with valid travel and medical insurance.
  • A quality pair of hiking shoes – preferably waterproof – are essential.
  • Comfortable trekking socks – with the various wetlands and streams you’ll be crossing, your feet will definitely get wet, even with good shoes. Good hiking socks can help prevent blistering.
  • Long trousers and a long-sleeved shirt. Preferably made from quick-dry material.
  • A small backpack with a rain cover to carry your personal items, like clothing and toiletries. Extra things you don’t want to bring on the Sumatran jungle trek can be stored at the guesthouse.
  • Your own water bottle, to cut down on single-use plastics.
  • Insect repellent.
  • If leeches really bother you, you could bring leech socks. I personally find them annoying and not every effective, but some people like them. Spraying insect repellent on your socks/shoes/pants can help keep them away as well. But, expect to be made a meal of, there’s no real way to avoid them completely.
  • A headlamp, especially if you want to take any night walks.
  • A waterproof jacket in case it rains, and to keep you warm in the chilly evenings and mornings.

This itinerary begins and ends in the city of Padang, West Sumatra province. We’ll arrange pickup in the morning directly from your accommodations in town, and drop you off there in the late afternoon or early evening on the return.

We’re proud that 100% of our proceeds goes directly to local grassroots conservation and community development initiatives here in Kerinci. This also includes donations to Pencagura (Nature Lovers of Gunung Raya Sub-district) to support their forest and wildlife protection activities in the area, and to the local village.

As always, we use only local guides and porters from nearby communities, who are paid a fair, ethical wage above the standard local price. One hundred percent of money spent on this trek stays in this rural community – there’s no tourism leakage here!

Dates not work for you? No worries, we can always set up a trek just for you, or anyone else you can bring along. The vast majority of the adventures that we run are solo or duo travellers on bespoke tours. Just contact us and we’ll get you sorted on a Sumatra jungle trek no matter when you decide to come. 
Come discover Kerinci for yourself! Learn about the region, visit our itineraries page, or view additional points of interest around Kerinci to create your own custom trip.