Our team understands the interests and needs of travelers, how to help them engage with the local culture, and how to make their trip as exciting and meaningful as possible. We are deeply committed to responsible travel in Sumatra, and have the passion, connections, knowledge, and sustainable ethic that will set your mind at ease as you plan your next adventure. Below are just a few of the folks we’re lucky to be working alongside. Kerinci is one of the best kept secrets in Southeast Asia – come discover it with us!

Zacky Zaid

“Zacky” Zaid

Zacky is a leader in the local nature lovers club “Pencinta Alam.” From the village of Lempur in southern Kerinci, his favorite treks are to the many lakes surrounding Lempur, especially the lovely blue Lake Kaco, and to the active volcano Gunung Kunyit that towers over his village. Members of the Pencinta Alam club actively patrol the forests in their areas in their free time, looking to discourage bird hunters, poachers, and encroachers, and clean up any rubbish that they may come across. Very knowledgeable about the forest, Pencinta Alam members look forward to showing you their piece of heaven.


Arwan is the real deal. An expert in the forest, Arwan is adept at identifying a host of edibles for foraging, animal tracks, bird songs, and all things wild and wonderful. Starting out with almost zero English and no guiding experience just a few years ago, it’s been amazing to watch his incredible progression – quickly becoming one of our top guys, with his natural passion for and knowledge of the natural world. Arwan’s favorite trek is the long Sumatran Tiger Trek in the rainforest south of his village, although he finds great joy anytime he’s under the forest canopy. He lives in Lempur with his family.


Ricky hails from the village of Kersik Tuo, at the foot of the towering Mt. Kerinci. He enjoys taking trips all around the Kayu Aro and Gunung Tujuh area of Kerinci – from the Pauh Tinggi waterfalls to the Goa Kasah caves, up to the cloudy and mysterious Mt. Tujuh, and of course to the top of Sumatra – the steaming peak of the mighty Mt. Kerinci itself. While young, he is skilled beyond his years, and has seemingly limitless potential with his ability to quickly learn and continuously grow. You can tell he loves to be in the forest by his huge smile, and the sense of bliss and good humor that emanates off of him even after a long day of hiking.

Luke Mackin

Luke Mackin

Luke grew up in SE Asia, but in the huge mega city of Manila. From the moment he moved to his passport country of the US, he always yearned to return to Asia – but to a more natural, wild setting. For him, Kerinci fits the bill. One certainly can’t get much more natural than an isolated valley completely surrounded on all sides by one of the largest protected areas in Asia, where tigers, bears, and gibbons still roam. Luke hopes that in some small way Wild Sumatra can contribute to the conservation of the enchanting and magnificent forests in the area, and to the prosperity of the wonderful Kerinci people. He lives in Sungaipenuh with his family.



One of our newest member of the Wild Sumatra network, CheiMel is one of the very few female guides in the Kerinci region. From Sungaipenuh, in the center of the Kerinci valley, she often brings people to the nearby Bukit Tapan on birdwatching and wildlife safaris. She also enjoys climbing Mt. Kerinci and trekking in other areas just as much. As a keen birdwatcher, she has been an active member of the Kerinci Bird Club and other local ‘twitcher’ communities, frequently taking part in bird surveys throughout the valley. CheiMel’s just as excited to explore the beautiful forests of the region on her own as she is to share it with guests.

Een Endatno E'en

Pak Een

From the village of Kersik Tuo, Pak E’en has been guiding visitors for over 15 years. He easily holds the record for the most summits of Mt. Kerinci – over 650 times and counting! He is a senior guide in the region, and works to organize, train, and advocate for guides throughout the area. He has a deep knowledge of the area’s ecology, and has an infectious enthusiasm to match. Pak E’en also recently opened a small, simple homestay to accommodate visiting explorers. An avid birdwatcher, Endatno Een’s favorite treks are to the Ladeh Panjang Wetlands and, of course, to the peak of Mt. Kerinci.

Come discover Kerinci for yourself! Learn about the region, visit our itineraries page, or view additional points of interest around Kerinci to create your own custom trip. Be sure to check out our travel tips when you’re ready to start planning.


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