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Five Lakes Expedition

"Some of the guides I partner with in the village of Lempur were thinking of offering this new multi-day jungle trek down there at the southern end of Kerinci. But before we throw it up on the Wild Sumatra site, I need to sc [...]

  • Mt. Kerinci and the Kerinci Valley at Sunset as seen from Bukit Khayangan, Kerinci, Jambi, Sumatra, Indonesia

Ten Reasons to Visit Kerinci

Never heard of Kerinci? You’re not alone. A remote highland valley, nestled between almost impassable mountains and volcanoes, the Kerinci region has long been mysterious and isolated. In fact, it was one of the last places [...]

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Cloud Forest: A World of Light and Shadow

A bed of moss grows thick on trunk and limb, on rock and boulder Thicker with every meter climbed The air, too, grows heavy Moisture filling our lungs droplets condensing on our jackets, On lichen, on branches We ascend [...]

  • A woman rice farmer wearing a bandana, Kerinci, Jambi, Sumatra, Indonesia

The Old Farmer

The old farmer Follows the rising sun to the fields Hands cracked from years of work Skin wrinkled and weather-worn Back bent low from daily labor, from the weight of the world All rests on the [...]

  • Flights to Kerinci Flying to Kerinci Seblat National Park, Sumatra, Indonesia ecotourism Sumatra

Flights to the Kerinci Valley

Introducing Daily Flights to Kerinci! For the first time ever, there are daily flights to Kerinci. This is huge! What used to take more than nine hours on a bumpy, winding, vomit-inducing road is now just two short legs of a [...]