• River crossing Sumatran Tiger Trek backpacking

Solo Sumatra Jungle Trek Dates

Looking for a true adventure deep in the Sumatran rainforest? If you're an intrepid solo traveller (or part of a duo) backpacking your way across Indonesia, come join a few other kindred s [...]

A Lament

There's a heartache that comes when walking in the woods Yes, awe and wonder,too But always, always sprinkled with sorrow I feel the groaning of creation resonating in my bones Re [...]

Five Lakes Expedition

"Some of the guides I partner with in the village of Lempur were thinking of offering this new multi-day jungle trek down there at the southern end of Kerinci. But before we throw it up on [...]

  • Mt. Kerinci and the Kerinci Valley at Sunset as seen from Bukit Khayangan, Kerinci, Jambi, Sumatra, Indonesia

Ten Reasons to Visit Kerinci

Never heard of Kerinci? You’re not alone. A remote highland valley, nestled between almost impassable mountains and volcanoes, the Kerinci region has long been mysterious and isolated. In fa [...]