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Mt. Tujuh, Lempur, Bukit Khayangan, Kayu Aro

Climbing Mt Tujuh, a visit to Lempur, beautiful scenery on Bukit Khayangan, and a some shots overlooking Kayu Aro. Here's a photo roundup of a few things we've been up to in March '17: [...]

  • View from Bukit Khayangan, Lake Kerinci, Sumatra, Indonesia

A Morning on Bukit Khayangan

The other day I spent a cloudy morning up on Bukit Khayangan, the scenic overlook with incredible views of Kerinci Valley. Check out the time lapse below and a few photos. [...]

  • Greater Flying Foxes Pteropus vampyrus

Flying Foxes, Kerinci Lake Festival

Flying Foxes, the Kerinci Lake festival, and meeting the governor of Jambi. Here's a photo roundup of a few things we've been up to in August '16: [...]

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Night Safari on Bukit Tapan

A Night Safari on Bukit Tapan, and a few random shots throughout Kerinci. July '15 Photo Roundup. [...]

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An Expedition to Mt. Kunyit Volcano

Part of Kerinci lore, the crater of the volcano, called Taman Dewa – or “garden of the gods,” is said to be the place that local hero Depati Parbo meditated before a big battle with the invading Dutch forces, and as a result [...]